Tablerock 2023 Real Estate Trends & Statistics

2023 Real Estate Tablerock Golden CO - Homes for SaleEverything changed in Golden's Tablerock real estate in 2023.  Well, not everything, but a lot!  Let's go through the key elements.

One of the most notable changes was activity.  Tablerock went from 10 homes sold in 2022 to four in 2023.  Mortgage rates went up towards the end of 2022 causing a notable drop in the number of Tablerock residents willing to list their home.  This wasn't a trend limited to Tablerock.  In fact, most Colorado residents currently have a mortgage rate of 4% or lower.  Rates have begun to drop, but we are still above 7%.  As such, the "golden handcuffs" will continue to play a role in Colorado's 2024 real estate market.   

Buyer demand for Tablerock homes for sale shifted as well.  In 2021, we used to joke that you could sell a kid's playhouse in Tablerock in under a day.  At that time, people were flocking to Colorado as they could now work from anywhere due to Covid.  2023 was a completely different story.  Overall, the number of new Colorado residents decreased and both home buyers and sellers are more hesitant to make a change.  In 2023, the average Days on Market increased to 20.  Broken down, the four homes sold in 4, 0, 0 and 75 days.  The 0 represents homes sold off market.  The home with 75 days was a great home, but the price was based on previous years trends.  Similarly, 2023 had two other Tablerock homes for sale that sat listed for quite a few months and eventually were taken off the market.

The average sales price for homes in Golden's Tablerock neighborhood was down 7% at $1.437M.  This is a notable change after the blissful Covid years, but it's still up significantly when compared to 3-4 years ago.  Just 4 years ago, the average sales price in Tablerock was $880K!

While a lot changed this year in Colorado's real estate market, we anticipate change again in 2024, but when the change will come is debatable.  Based on economic predictions as well as the fact that we are entering an election year, we believe rates will go down some in 2024.  Sadly, the days of 2-4% rates will probably not return for the foreseeable future, but a decrease from 2023's 8+% average should help the real estate market loosen a bit.  

While 2024 will undoubtedly bring new twists and turns, Golden's Tablerock will no doubt continue to be a highly sought after Colorado neighborhood.  As of today, January 1, there is only one Tablerock Golden home listed for sale (and technically, it's 'coming soon').  Tablerock homeowners and prospective buyers will always be attracted to its proximity to mountains, easy access to Denver, neighborhood swimming pool, good schools and great neighbors.  If you're thinking of buying or selling a home in Tablerock, we'd love to help!  As longtime residents, we pride ourselves in knowing the ins and outs of this Golden neighborhood more than any other. Check out our website - - or reach out and let us know how we can help.

Recent Homes Sold Statistics in Tablerock Golden, CO

  2023   2022   2021   2020   2019   2018
 Average Sold Price


-7% Y/Y


+29% Y/Y


+32% Y/Y


+3% Y/Y


+9% Y/Y


-1% Y/Y

 Average Days on Market







 # of Homes Sold







 Highest Sold Price  $1.720M






 Lowest Sold Price  $1.105M $1.125M  $700K




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