2023 Real Estate Tablerock Golden CO - Homes for SaleEverything changed in Golden's Tablerock real estate in 2023.  Well, not everything, but a lot!  Let's go through the key elements.

One of the most notable changes was activity.  Tablerock went from 10 homes sold in 2022 to four in 2023.  Mortgage rates went up towards the end of 2022 causing a notable drop in the number of Tablerock residents willing to list their home.  This wasn't a trend limited to Tablerock.  In fact, most Colorado residents currently have a mortgage rate of 4% or lower.  Rates have begun to drop, but we are still above 7%.  As such, the "golden handcuffs" will continue to play a role in Colorado's 2024 real estate market.   

Buyer demand for Tablerock homes for sale shifted as well.  In 2021, we used to joke that you could…

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