Fully Custom Homes in Denver

Prefer just to talk about it? As new construction experts in Denver, we'd love to walk you through your different options.

One Feaster Realty Client's Fully Custom HomeWhat is a Fully Custom Home?

Just like the name implies, a fully custom homes means that you can basically build anything your imagination (and budget) can dream of!  With a fully custom home, you choose the location, amenities, architectural style and more.  Summed up, your dream home becomes a reality.

As new construction experts, we've helped countless clients find the perfect lot as well as the perfect builder. Simply contact us and we can go over the process, share some of our past projects and find out if a custom home is right for you!

Why Build a Custom Home?

Opportunity to Build Your Dream Home - Custom means that you can build your house exactly as you want it!  You can design the perfect floor plan, choose the location, and pick all your own finishes and landscaping.

Urban Living, Without the Sacrifice - Many people would like to live in Denver’s many hip urban neighborhoods, but want modern amenities like taller ceilings and larger homes.  For this reason, custom homes have become popular Denver neighborhoods like Berkeley, Sloan’s Lake and LoHi.

Quality Assurance - Custom homes in Denver are typically built by local builders, resulting in more attention and detail put into the planning and build of your home.   

Beautiful Details - When you walk into just about any fully custom home, you can see the difference.  The originality and quality of everything from the front door to the floor plans to the high-quality finishes are evident from the start.

The Power of Choice - The best part of a custom home is the ability to choose what is important to you! 

Quality of Builder - At Feaster Realty, we've helped dozens and dozens of clients build a new home and the builder really does make a difference!  From our experience, a custom builder typically produces much higher quality homes than a production builder.  That being said, the quality of a custom home builder also varies.  Take the time to choose a builder you trust.  As we've worked with many Denver custom home builders over the years, feel free to contact us and we can give you some guidance on finding a builder based on pricing, quality and reputation. 

Testimonial from Custom Home Client in Denver

Jay was the best. We were having issues finding a house that would work for our needs. We finally decided to build a house on an empty lot that Jay helped us find. I can't imagine the project going nearly as well if Jay hadn't been there.

- Candy G, University Park in Denver, CO

If you are on a tight budget or timeline, a new home community can be a great alternative to a fully custom home.