Investing in New Construction Homes

Real Estate Investment DenverDenver is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  This growth in combination with Denver's current re-urbanization makes for a great opportunity for investment. Real estate investors are responding to this demand by building new construction homes (also known as ‘spec homes’). Spec homes are in high demand as Denver home buyers love the opportunity to live in a new construction home in a highly desirable urban setting.  The investors we've worked with (and we personally) have found great success with this type of investment as it is fairly straight-forward and can realize incredible returns in a short time period.*

There are a variety of neighborhoods in close proximity to downtown Denver that have recently finished extensive revitalization projects to invigorate business and increase housing interest.  As a result, high-end clientele want to move into these neighborhoods and there simply is not enough inventory of the existing homes to meet their needs.  Simple supply and demand has caused staggering increases in property values and opened up an enormous opportunity for profit for local builders and investors.  As our client, we can help guide you so that you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Investing in 'Spec Homes'/New Home Construction is our specialty!  We’d love to talk to you about your investment goals and whether a new construction home is a good option for you!  Simply contact us.

Working With Feaster Realty

As longtime new construction experts, Feaster Realty has a track record of success that is unparalleled in this type of real estate investment. We have helped buy, build, and sell countless new construction homes in NW Denver neighborhoods like LoHiBerkeley, Sunnyside, Sloan's Lake, Highlands, and more. Our clients have collectively realized profits well into the tens of millions of dollars and continue to profit today.* The great news is that you don’t have to have millions of dollars to start investing in real estate. Many of our new clients are surprised that this type of investment is a viable option for them. To see if this is a good option for you, simply call or email us anytime. We'd love to walk you through the process in greater detail.

In partnering with our real estate team, we turnkey the new construction investment process. We help acquire the property to develop; design the new residence; coordinate the builder and lender; pick all of the finishes; and ultimately sell the final product for often times 40% or more ROI.*  These types of returns are the reason why we ourselves are active investors building our own spec homes. 

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*All investments come with risks. Return on investments vary and cannot be guaranteed.