Home Buying Tips

No matter if you are a first time home-buyer or a pro, buying a home is a big deal. We know that it can be exhausting and stressful, but we truly believe that we can make the process so much better.

  • Become a Local Guru: Knowledge is key when buying a home. In order to find the home that fits you best, it's important to understand the little details of each neighborhood, including its personality, schools, restaurants, and more. The good news is that we are experts at this! Early in the process, we'll get to know what is important to you and then take you on a personal tour of the Denver neighborhoods that will fit you best. We've found that spending the time upfront results in our clients being happiest in the end.

  • Trust the Experts: Days on market for that neighborhood, average sales price for similar homes, average difference between asking and sold price...there a lot of things to know if you want to be a savvy buyer!  We'd love to do this work for you, resulting in you being confident in your new home purchase.

  • Love your Loan Officer: Money isn't everything, but it sure is an important part of buying a home. Start the process early so that you are not one of the many who lose out on a home due to financing. We work with a list of incredible loan officers and will make recommendations based on the type home you are looking buy (new construction, jumbo loan, etc) and your personality.

  • Have an Advocate: Finding a home is the obvious part of being a buyer, but the journey has only begun. The offer, negotiations, inspections and moving day all lie ahead. Don't stress, we'll negotiate like it's our money, join you for your inspection, and even help you move.

  • Prioritizing Brings Happiness: Every buyer comes to the table with a list of wants - an updated kitchen, walkable from restaurants, great schools, etc. Every want is important, but prioritizing this list early will help you ultimately find a fantastic home for you and your family. From our experience, when you've found the right home, the items lower on that list seem to melt away.

  • Act Quickly, Not Impulsively: In this market, we don't have the luxury to take much time to make decisions. That being said, buying a home is one of life’s biggest decision! We supply you with all the information that you need upfront so you can make a sound decision that works for you.

  • See the Potential: One of Feaster Realty's specialties is new home construction and remodeling of existing homes. With this in mind, we'll help you see the potential of your future home and even set you up with a list of reliable contractors.

  • Use Your Head...and Heart: A house can be a great a great investment, but a home is about way more than money. We'll make sure you understand the market, expected appreciations, and more, but ultimately, we want to make sure you find a home you love!

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